Gnome Gardeners

Attach your harvesting tool, put on your gnome hat and prepare to get gardening! In Gnome Gardeners, two to four players can work together on PC to complete the monumental task of keeping a human-sized garden healthy and tidy. Dodge dive bombing birds, scare off hungry insects and struggle through terrible winds, with only your gnomish wits and cyborg skills to support you!

About This Project

This is a student project, being produced during the course of April through May, 2021, between 8 students. The goal is to publish it at GGC at the end of May.

The game is currently approaching completion and if you wish to report something or give us feedback, you can do so here!

You can also follow us at @Gnome_Gardeners on Twitter or @GnomeGardeners on Instagram to stay up to date with new releases!


Player 1

  • Movement: W, A, S, D
  • Interact in menus & Use tools: E
  • Equip & Unequip tools: Q
  • Pause menu: ESC

Player 2 (Optional)

  • Movement: I, J, K, L
  • Interact in menus & Use tools: U
  • Equip & Unequip tools: O
  • Pause menu: ESC

Game Instructions

In order to play the game, start it up and select play from the main menu. Add the number of players you wish to play with (1-2 on keyboard, 3-4 being available with controllers) using space, select the gnome you wish to play as and the select ready.

Once in the game, use the various tools to do the following

  • Prepare plant beds
  • Plant seeds
  • Water seeds and plants
  • Add fertiliser to plants
  • Harvest fully grown plants

As the levels progress, additional elements will be added to the game that complicated things, such as additional plant types, hazards that will interfere with your gardening and tricky map layouts that will test your organisation and fleet-footedness.

If you've got any feedback, please consider leaving it here!

Install Instructions

1 - Unzip the file

2 - Open "GnomeGardeners.exe"

3 - Play it, and try to break it!


  • Martin Zetterman - Lead Designer, Level Designer
  • Nguyen Robertson - Producer, Level Designer
  • Lynn Angerer - Art Lead, Animator
  • Mette Christiansen - Line Artist
  • Martina Oyhenard Vazquez - Colour Artist
  • Urtė Siliūtė - Technical Artist
  • Paul Brandstetter - Lead Programmer, Unity Lead
  • Ace Young -  Programmer, Project Manager
  • Elias Deutschmann - Music Composer, Music Producer